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Hi friends,

On Monday Jan 23rd at 11:12am, we finally got to meet our baby daughter, Shuya. As proud parents, we can tell you that an ultrasound image does her no justice! Shuya came in at a petite but healthy full-term 4 lbs 11 ozs and 19.5 inches tall. Mother and daughter are doing fine. We returned home from Kaiser hospital last Thurs.

As you can imagine, Elaine has been feeding Shuya round the clock making us the latest harried parents. As a result, Shuya has been gaining weight at a good clip. Thank goodness Chao’s parents are here for another five weeks, cooking up a storm of delicious food, imparting invaluable parenting skills and helping take care of Shuya. Grandpa already says that Shuya is smart enough to order him around.

Thank you for all your kind wishes, helpful advice, generous gifts and loans. You can be sure we’re already putting them to good use. Elaine also thanks you for your prayers of a safe and easy delivery. As Shuya was breeched, Elaine had a pain-free Cesarean birth and wonderful care by the excellent staff at Kaiser.

Best wishes for a happy Chinese New Year!

Elaine, chao and Shuya

PS. Shuya Lam or 蓝曙雅 means first blue light of dawn.

If you’re not bored already, here are more Shuya piccies: for some context for true geeks, meta-Shuya pics:

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February 20, 2006 at 12:18 pm

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