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Yahoo! – The People’s Portal?

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I’m excited to be attending Yahoo’s Hack Day this week. Y! is doing something quite unusual – they’re opening up organization to be hacked all week end long! How many organizations can claim such refreshing spunk?

I’m glad that even though Yahoo! and Google are fierce competitors, they’re doing more to stake out different paths to success. The stunning success of Yahoo! Answers shows the way (hey, the low signal-to-noise ratio is a feature not a bug!), Flickr demonstrates how emergent groups can spring up spontaenously and shows how we organize the web everday. What do the 3 sites have in common? Of course, users make the sites interesting and compelling. Fancy, schmany algorithms take a backseat.

So, while Google brands itself as the search engine with the best algos and the top PhDs, is Yahoo! branding itself as the People’s Portal?

As a Stanford student, I actually lived (and preferred living) in Berkeley, hence this warp perspective: Is Y! like UC Berkeley as Google is to Stanford?

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September 23, 2006 at 11:57 am

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