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Media Business Models

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I can’t wait for Chris Anderson’s (aka Mr Long Tail) new book about FREE (businesses that give away stuff to build and sustain an audience/distribution). Meanwhile, he’s started a very insightful blog post around the multitude of business models centered around “a core of free or almost-free content”.

It’s a great list especially if you’re considering building consumeroriented websites 🙂 I only have one, perhaps tangential, contribution to the list:

What about crowd-sourcing? I’m thinking Threadless where they get users to submit T-shirt designs, users to vote (filter out) for the popular designs which they then actually produce. OK, some would say that T-shirts aren’t “media”, but I’d argue T-shirts are 20% clothing 80% self-expression (i.e. more blog and cotton)!


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January 14, 2008 at 12:45 am

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