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Finally fixed my MBP’s once a week “blue (well, grey) screen of death”

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I have to adpanicmit it – my mac has been acting like a windows machine ever since I upgraded to Leopard (no, not Snow Leopard). OK, only in this respect: it’s been crashing on me every week or two.

At first I thought it was buggy Leopard, then I thought it was my bluetooth keyboard (since it happened most often when the keyboard initiated a connection to my mac). But then I replaced it with a wired keyboard, and it still happened – just a little less.

Well, I finally upgraded to Snow Leopard on a brand new spanking MacBook Pro and it still happened (after a few days). That was the straw that broke the camel’s back I started being superstitious and suspecting everything including my USB hub or my display monitor. I started blabbering my problem to everyone.

Well, that blabbering actually worked. My genius syadmin-savvy brother Ming suggested I look at the crawl stack of the kernel panic report. I protested that they were just filled with hex numbers. But then I thought of looking them up on the console log. And lo behold, just beneath the sea of hex numbers, was revealed the true source of my agony.

It was DoubleCommand, a utility I had installed eons ago that allowed me to mimick “forward delete” on a mac notebook keyboard. It worked so well that I had forgotten I had installed it. And the crash was so intermittent that I wasn’t able to link it as the buggy software for years! And it turns out they actually had a fix for it over a year ago – I just didn’t know.

So, for the 3 remaining folks who suffer from this affliction, hope your googling brings you here 🙂


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September 25, 2009 at 5:28 pm

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