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Adventures in KenKen

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My Mom enjoys sudoku and I like playing KenKen!

Here’s one I think is worth replaying:

I quickly started out with the basic rules to get this layout:

The only “given” 3 provides a clue to the 45x at the top. The candidates are 1335, given the fixed 3, there can be only 2 possible set of positions for the 45x. A tricked I figured out for 19+ is that it cannot contain digits 1,2 and 3. Thus :

With the double 3s in place, looking at 168x, there are two possible combinations 378 or 467. The double 3s preclude 378, so 467 it is! And with our 21+ eliminating 6 and 7, one of those squares can only be a 4:

Then, looking at the 48x just below 168x, We know there are 4 possible combinations: 344, 624, 618, 328. The first is now eliminated with the 4. 624 and 614 are also eliminated because of the 67 above. So the only combination left is 328:

Now looking at 112x at the bottom. there are 3 combinations: 7144,7224,7128. But the double 2s and 4s are not possible because of the double 24s on the last column (and last two rows). So the only combination 7128. After applying some other clean on the left, we get:

Now here comes a tricky part: The two pairs 15 and 56 circled above, ensures that 19+ cannot have a 5. When 5 is eliminated, 19+ then also cannot have a 6. In fact, the only combination left standing is 478:

Looking at 70x, we know it needs a 2 (in 257), so the 8+ above cannot have a 2, which means it’s 17. Hence (with more cleanup):


which collapses and leads to the solution:

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February 11, 2018 at 5:54 am

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